DYAD Infosys Limited

Custom Software:

Software development tools have improved immensely. What took a long time to do before, can now be done much faster. You don't have to settle for a package that forces you to do things in a fixed unchangeable way. Now you get to call the shots. This means that you are no longer challenged to fit your business into somebody else's way of doing things. It means that you can get a tight fit between your business methods and needs and the software that supports them. Custom software gives you absolute control over how things are to be done.

With custom software, you can build anything. The building blocks follow your needs precisely and allow you to plan, your business processing in a manner that is entirely familiar and appropriate to what you really do. Your computer software is tailor-made with no wasted code and no need for you to store data elements that have nothing to do with your business. Best of all, when your business changes, you can rely on us to upgrade you to whatever new conditions have been encountered. Just try asking an outfit like SAS or PeopleSoft to make some modifications on your behalf. The silence will be deafening!

Application Software Support:

The reason why we have been able to maintain our client relationships and business for over 25 years is because of our support. We support everything that we build or install on your behalf. This includes, training, documentation, maintenance and upgrades. And when you call, you get to speak to someone who will actually take the responsibility for helping you. You will no longer have to deal with a chain of contacts who do nothing more than pass you on to someone else. The right person to satisfy your support needs will always be provided.

And when you do call us for support, this sets into motion a proven response mechanism. The support issue is identified, assigned, dated and moved into an automatic logging system. Nothing gets lost and our mission is to take the issue to a completed/accepted status.