DYAD Infosys Limited

StarShift - Employee Scheduling Via The Internet:

StarShift puts your work schedules and your shift coverage on the Internet or corporate Intranet where your staff can see what's required. Shift workers review their allotted times and work out agreements amongst themselves to ensure that all time slots are perfectly covered. All shift filling is closely monitored by supervisors who must provide approvals to any changes from the original published plan.

This brings instant accessibility and communication to the scheduling process. Using StarShift, supervisors design the coverage required and then generate the coverage automatically. Staff are assigned based on a combination of skills and business rules including a "fairness" algorithm that ensures that shifts are offered and filled democratically.

With reciprocal agreement, staff may request a shift swap with one of their peers. The workload on the supervisor/scheduler is greatly reduced as the workers themselves can accomodate each other's special situations and work out a perfectly satisfactory shift coverage.

Business Intelligence Systems Development:

Business Intelligence [BI] is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and presenting enterprise performance data. DYAD's BI systems developments help business users to pinpoint those activities and conditions that affect their business performance and to measure by a variety of dimensional perspectives what works best.

DYAD builds and provides performance measurement, content management and electronic workflow systems that captures and stores corporate transactions for business intelligence analysis. Our services help organizations to get more from their staff and more from their technology investments. Our goal is to align people, tasks and technology to deliver measurable results for comparison against a corporate plan. Good people with good technology can always make a good company even better.