DYAD Infosys Limited

Since 1976

For over 35 years, DYAD has delivered professional software services to private and public sector clients in Canada and The United States. Our business is based on getting and maintaining long-term client relationships and on a sustained effort to keep current with the best and most productive software development tools in the industry.

DYAD provides businesses with a partnership approach to systems developments. Your requirements and our approach to them ensure every opportunity to assess, re-assess and confirm the effectiveness of our software solutions.

Not Your Usual Software Developer:

There are only two things you need to know about us. We always stand behind our product development and when you call us you are guaranteed that we will respond. When you call us, you do not have to go through an army of people to reach the person who can help you best. You get to the right person right away and never have to deal with anyone who is out of touch with your business needs. We pride ourselves on having maintained many of our clients for over a quarter of a century. This is unusual in such a dynamic industry but it is a measure of our commitment to service and our client loyalty.

We have proven that the more we engage with our clients, the clearer things become and the simpler it is to stay on track. Knowing what our clients want most and knowing what we do best is where we focus. And focus is the thing that makes the difference. We would rather do a few things very well than attempt to be everything to everyone. Effort and time on a target gets everyone to the right place at the right time.